Alaska State Veterans Benefits

Updated: May 27, 2021

Alaska Veterans Education Benefits

Alaska Offers Tuition Waivers for Veterans, Spouses, and Dependents

If attending a school in the University of Alaska system, veterans, their spouses, and dependents may qualify for tuition assistance. Benefits can include resident (in-state) tuition or tuition waivers.

To qualify for tuition assistance, you must be one of the following:

● Members currently on active duty their spouses or dependents

● National Guard members, their spouses, or dependents

● All veterans who are eligible for VA education benefits, their spouses, or dependents

Surviving spouses and dependents may qualify for waivers on undergraduate tuition and fees while attending school in the University of Alaska system. Spouses or dependents of deceased veterans are Alaska residents and meet one of the following criteria, and they may also be eligible for University of Alaska tuition assistance:

● Died in the line of duty

● Listed by the DOD as a POW

● Killed in action

Alaska National Guard members may be eligible for up to 100% tuition assistance if they attend any of the schools l in the University of Alaska system.

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Alaska Veteran’s Housing Benefits

Veterans Assisted Care Homes and Nursing Homes

The Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Home in downtown Palmer, Alaska reserve 59 or their 79 beds exclusively for veterans

Daily life in the home is structured to be comfortable and resident-centered. The facility, located in a residential community, includes dining rooms, sitting areas, and activity areas.

The following may be available to depending on your health needs:

Recreation and physical activities

Private or semi-private rooms

Some nursing services and medical evaluation

Pharmacy Services

Assistance with daily activities

All meals and housekeeping

Emergency services

Payment assistance may be available. For qualified Veterans, the VA provides a per-day payment towards their care.

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To qualify for State Vet status, you must be honorably discharged and have served for a minimum of 90 days active duty in:

o Armed Forces

o Armed Forces Reserve

o Alaska Army


Served in the Alaska Air National Guard

Been a reservist for at least five years

Served in both the Guard and Reserves

Surviving spouses of qualified veterans are also eligible.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, (AHFC)

AHFC has two programs, the Veterans Mortgage Program and the Veterans Interest Rate Preference Program.

Under the Veterans Mortgage Program, qualified veterans can purchase a home using these lower interest rate loans. These loans are processed quickly and require little to no down payment from the borrower.

If you are on active duty, you may also qualify for this program. All branches of military service including, the US Air Force, Naval Academy, and Coast Guard cadets, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administration (NOAA) employees are included. Public Health Service employees also qualify.

Through the Veterans Interest Rate Preference Program, qualified Alaska veterans can purchase a home at lower interest rates. For the first $50,000 of the loan, the interest rate is 1% lower on any bank loan. Veterans may combine this program with some other home loan programs. Certain income limits apply.

Low-cost AHFC housing is also available for rent or sale to qualified Veterans. This housing is not available to active duty service members, and unmarried applicants applying jointly must both be eligible veterans.

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Alaska Veteran’s Tax Benefits

Property Tax Exemptions

Veterans who have at least a 50 % VA or military disability are exempt from real estate taxes (applies only to the first $150,000.00 of assessed home value). The exemption assigns to a spouse when the veteran dies if the spouse is at least 60 years of age.

Alaska Veteran’s Employment Benefits

Military Credit for State Retirement

Alaska state employees may be able to apply military service years (up to 5 years) to increase their state retirement benefit.

Preference for Veterans & National Guard Members for State jobs

Disabled veterans and former POW’s qualify for a 10% point preference if they apply to work for the state of Alaska.

A 5% preference is available to other veterans and national guard members.

Commercial Driving Skills Test Waiver

If you have had commercial motor vehicle experience during military service, you may qualify for a driving skill test waiver. Contact DMV for further details.

Alaska Veteran’s Other Benefits Ticket Discounts for Alaska Railroads

The Alaska Railroad extends a 20% discount to active duty, military retirees, and dependents. Riders must show proof of status ID showing at boarding.

Veterans with a service-connected disability can purchase a pass at a reduce price for vessells on the Alaska Marine Highway System.

The pass entitles the veteran and an aid (if medically required) to ride at half price. The discount does not pertain to vehicles or staterooms. The pass can be used to travel between any Alaskan ports, at any time of year.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Active Duty

Active duty members who are stationed in Alaska(and their dependents) qualify for resident rates on all hunting and fishing licenses.

National Guard and Alaska military reserves get hunting and fishing licenses

free of charge.

Honorably discharged disabled Veterans who live in Alaska for 12 months and have a 50% disability can have hunting and sport fishing licenses for no charge.

State Camping Pass for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans can get one Alaska State Park Camping Pass for free. The camping pass is good in all developed Alaska State Park campgrounds for two years.

Alaska Veteran’s Burial Benefits

Qualified Veterans are entitled to a death gratuity amount of $750 upon application by a surviving spouse of the veteran’s legal representative. The veteran must reside

in the state

at the time of death and must be honorably discharged. To qualify for the death benefit, the veteran must also:

  1. have been an Alaska resident when they joined the service; or

  2. been an Alaska resident for a minimum of one year immediately preceding death; or

  3. have served in:

Alaska Territorial Guard,

Alaska Army National Guard,

Alaska Air National Guard

Alaska Naval Militia,

A U. S. military reserve unit in Alaska (the unit must have required a minimum of one weekend of duty each month, 15 consecutive days of active duty training each year for at least three years.)

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