Beautiful Landscaping with Less Work

You want a beautiful yard to enjoy and share with family and friends. When you sell your home, attractive landscaping helps with curb appeal. If you hate cutting the lawn and even if you don’t love gardening but still want your yard to look great, create low-maintenance landscaping and gardens by following these tips.

The Lawn

Don’t be a slave to your lawn. Cutting and maintaining it can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. There are several ways to minimize efforts and expenses.

  • Reduce: Reduce the amount of grass you need to cut by adding garden beds and hardscaping. Even if you are not ready to do a lot of planting right away, creating large garden beds and covering them with mulch will reduce the lawn size. The mulch will turn into good soil you can later use for plants. Mulching does more for your garden. Read more here. In the meantime, it looks neat, and you don’t have to mow it. Adding hardscape elements like patios and walkways also cuts down the lawn you need to cut. Purchase pavers from a DIY store and install them yourself to save money. Have gravel delivered and spread it between edging stones between your garden beds. Combining beds and pavers can eliminate large chunks of your yard and give your property a more finished look. If you have a paved driveway, increasing its size or adding a larger parking area cuts down on the lawn you must cut and maintain.

  • Grass Alternatives: Use grass alternatives. Grass lawns need regular watering, cutting, and chemical treatments, but there are grass alternatives you might consider. Clovers, for example, help keep weeds and insects out and need mowing less often. If you don’t like the look of clover blossoms, there are now micro clovers that don't bloom. Another choice, Fescue, is still a grass but is drought resistant and needs mowing less often. You can also choose to replace some grass with ground cover plants that don't grow tall and require less water. Artificial grass has become more realistic and popular, especially in more arid climates. Speaking of dry climates, consider no lawn and get a desert look using desert soils, palm trees, and desert plants.


Create gardens that need less attention by using week prevention products like sheeting and borders. Choose hardy, low-maintenance plants appropriate to your region and add mulch or stones to keep from having to weed regularly. Rock gardens cut maintenance because you use plants that need less water and care. A combination of stone and hardy plants looks wonderful and, once established, takes little effort. Visit a landscaping center for ideas and use whatever gravel and rocks appeal to you. Have some fun creating a design you like, leaving small gaps for plants. Research drought-tolerant plants that are best for your climate.

In-Ground Irrigation Systems

If you are in a region where you must water your grass often, maybe even daily, consider in-ground sprinklers. Dragging out the hose or sprinkler takes time, and if you are away a lot, you could lose your landscaping.

The key is to make a comprehensive plan first. Once you design your lower maintenance yard and add up how much it might cost, you could consider using a VA cash-out loan. Investing in your landscaping so that you can spend more time enjoying it might be worth it.

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