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When you sell your home, “staging” shows it in its best light. Professional staging companies charge up to $10,000, but you can also do a lot yourself for much less money. When Broadway producers stage a play, they do everything they can to make their actors look great. Home staging should make your house appealing to most potential buyers, so you sell quickly and for more money. The goals include making rooms welcoming and attractive. Buyers should picture themselves living in the house they tour and imagine their furniture and décor in the place. There are several categories to consider when you prepare your home for showing.


Cleared shelves and counters allow people to picture their belongings in the space. While leaving a few books on the bookshelf or a single art piece on the piano is fine, pack up as much clutter as possible. It’s easy for someone to visually replace your books with theirs or a favorite of theirs on the piano but decluttering also means depersonalizing. Lots of Hummel Figures or collectible plates distract the buyer. Besides helping sell your home, packing small belongings now means you have less to do when you move. Read more about Clutter-What to Do About it.

Clean and Fresh

Grimy countertops and marked walls can distract from your house's potential. A clean home also demonstrates that you have taken good care of your property. If you are too busy, It might be worth paying professionals to do a deep clean after you’ve decluttered. A fresh coat of paint on the walls presents a blank canvas. Use neutral but warm colors. Be sure your house smells pleasant. Cleaning should take care of most smells but consider air purifiers or dehumidifiers if you have dampness. You can also burn vanilla candles or use plug-in-type room fresheners. Choose natural scents and avoid perfumy sprays.

Define Your Rooms

Most of us have a room or two that serve more than one purpose. To help your potential buyer imagine themselves in your home, limit each room to a single purpose. Your dining room, for example, should not also appear to serve as an office.


Use furniture that’s the right size for the room and limit the number of pieces. An overcrowded room appears smaller. If you need to remove some furniture, leave the best quality pieces. If your couch and chairs look tired, buy some covers and add free, brightly colored throw pillows. Arrange living room furniture in conversation groups.


Once you have clear, clean rooms, make sure people can see them clearly. Use as much natural light as possible by opening drapes and shades. Consider removing blinds or shades if you don't need them. When you have visitors, turn on lights throughout the house, so people don’t need to look for switches. You can even leave the closet and attic lights on. Light fixtures and lamps are relatively inexpensive, so make sure there’s enough light.

Curb Appeal

When people pull up in front of your house, they will get their first impression and make some judgments. Good landscaping, attractive siding, doors, and windows all contribute. For more information on improving that impression, read this article on Curb Appeal.

Whether you do the work yourself or pay professionals, staging your home can make a huge difference in how fast it will sell. You'll be Preparing to Move sooner.

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