How to Prepare Your Home to Sell in the Summer

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

It is no secret that it's the hottest seller's market in a very long time. If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, it's important to prepare your home inside and out. Many of the preparations are necessary to ward off inspection issues. If you're also purchasing a home, now is the time to find one of the best VA home loan lenders and certified VA home loan real estate agents to help you navigate the process of buying and selling.

HVAC Clean and Check

Have your furnace and central air conditioning systems cleaned and checked by professionals. It is recommended that you do this annually. If you haven't had it performed in a few years, it's more important than ever to have done before you list your home for sale. This will prevent issues with your HVAC system coming up in the inspection report.

Lawn and Weed Treatments

It's a good idea to have a well-manicured lawn before you list your home for sale. Apply fertilizer and weed treatments to your lawn. Have your lawn aerated. Be sure there are no grubs, moles or any other insects having a party in your lawn.

Trim Trees and Bushes

It's especially important to trim trees and bushes away from your home's foundation and roof. Overgrown bushes or trees can also cause inspection problems.

Freshen Up Landscaping Beds

It's aesthetically pleasing to freshen and spruce up landscaping beds. An inexpensive new layer of mulch or stone will do wonders. Plant a few annual or perennial flowers for a splash of color.

Repair and Replace Exterior Rotted Wood

If you have any rotted wood or peeling paint on the exterior of your home, summer is a good time to take care of it. This will come up on an inspection report. Many times, it's an easy fix. It can be as easy as scraping and sanding off the affected area, filling it in with a little wood putty and repainting. If there is quite a bit of rotted wood, you may have to replace the piece of wood and have it painted.

Paint Inside and Out

The summer is a great time to paint. If you're painting indoors, you can leave the doors and windows open to let fresh air in. If you're painting outside, be sure it's a dry day. It's important to give wood siding, trim, shutters, doors, and anything else that is wood a fresh coat. This will help you get more money for your home.

Turn On Sprinkler System

If you have a sprinkler system, get it turned on and tested to be sure it works. The buyers are going to want to see that the system is in working order.

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