Inspections That Every Broker Should Be Recommending to Their Buyers

Updated: May 7, 2021

If you are a new to buying a home, there is a lot to you need to know about. One of the main responsibilities agents have to you as their buyer is keeping their best interests at heart. They have a fiduciary responsibility to guide you in the right direction during your home buying process. One of the most important pieces of advice they can give you is recommending that you have certain types of inspections done.

Whole House Inspection Every real estate contract allows a certain timeframe for the buyers to have a whole house inspection. This inspection should be performed by a professional, licensed home inspector. The inspector will inspect the house, from top to bottom, looking for latent material defects and safety hazards.

Radon Inspection Radon is a cancer causing gas that comes from underground. It's very important that buyers have this inspection. If the house they are purchasing has a higher than acceptable level of radon, they will want to ask the seller to have it remediated. Pest Inspection It is important to make sure there are no wood boring insects damaging the home your buyers are purchasing. A professional pest inspector knows where to look and what signs to look for. Lead-Based Paint Inspection If the home your buyers are purchasing was built before 1978, they will want to have a lead-based paint inspection. This type of paint in a home can be dangerous. Mold Inspection Your buyers will want to be sure there is no toxic mold growing in the house. A mold inspector will inspect places that may have moisture and the potential to grow mold such as the attic, basement and the like.

Sewer inspections are "up and coming." Very few real estate brokers are recommending a sewer inspection to their buyers. A sewer company will run a camera from the home's clean out to the city sewer pipes. They will look for tree roots growing in the sewer pipe, cracks or breaks in the sewer pipe and so on. There's so much more to learn about inspections. A real estate coach will help you learn all you need to know so you can give your buyers the educated service they deserve. Coaching will also help you get additional and repeat business throughout your real estate career.

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