Oklahoma State Veteran’s Benefits

Updated: Jun 7

Oklahoma, The Sooner State, offers benefits to over 300,000 veterans.

Oklahoma Veteran’s Benefits

Veteran Education Benefits

Oklahoma Heroes Promise Scholarship

This State program, called Heroes Promise, which started in 2011, provides education funds for dependent children of Oklahoma military members who were killed in action on or after January 1, 2000. Eligibility requirements for this program include:

  1. The military member must have filed an Oklahoma income tax return for the tax year before the year in which the person died.

  2. The student must be a resident of Oklahoma

  3. and must enroll in a school in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education before they are 21.

The award amount varies depending on the scholarship, but generally, the Heroes Promise program will pay the student’s tuition to state-supported college and university. Educational funds may also be available for private colleges or universities if they are approved for credit transferable toward an associate degree in an applied science program at a public college.

Students benefit from Heroes Promise for either five years or until receiving a bachelor’s degree (whichever comes first). The amount of a scholarship depends on the college program, the number of hours attended, and some other factors.

Oklahoma State National Guard Tuition Waiver

This tuition waiver offers qualifying service members a 100% waiver of in-state tuition costs if the applicant does not currently hold a Baccalaureate degree. To get the benefit, applicants must be members of the Oklahoma National Guard at the application time. Additional requirements are:

  1. Must be a certified as a National Guard member in good standing as determined by the Adjunct General

  2. Must be a resident of Oklahoma

  3. Meets school admission requirements

The study must lead to a degree. A student must enroll for a minimum of three semester hours, and up to 8 hours of tuition costs may be waived each semester.

These tuition waivers cannot be used for programs that do not count toward degrees. Continuing education, certificate courses, or other similar classwork does not qualify for the waiver.

Oklahoma Veteran Employment Benefits

State Hiring Preference Policies for Veterans

Veterans who have been honorably discharged and qualifying surviving spouses of veterans are entitled to state hiring preference points. Points are awarded according to VA-rated disabilities and the nature of the military service

Five preference points will be added to the score on a state exam for:

● Honorably discharged veterans

● Surviving spouses (not remarried) of veterans who have died

● Spouses of veterans who are judged by the VA Home loan lender or Department of Defense to be unemployable because of a service-connected disability within six months of the spouse’s application date

Ten preference points are awarded to:

● War veterans (as determined by Oklahoma Statutes) who achieve a passing score on the state exam and presen proof of a service-connected disability within six months of the veteran’s date of application.

Absolute Preference Veterans are entitled to additional consideration if they meet specific criteria, including being an eligible war veteran and being VA rated as at least 30% disabled.

Absolute Preference Veterans are placed at the top of the register and ranked by their scores. They shall not be denied employment without showing just cause.

Oklahoma State Veterans’ Priority

Oklahoma receives U.S. Department of Labor grants to provide employment and training for all eligible Oklahoma residents, including veterans. Because the state receives these funds, they must afford qualified veterans priority service when referring individuals to job openings, Department of Labor-funded training programs, or any related services.

Vets are encouraged to ask an Oklahoma Workforce office because preference opportunities may vary depending on the job or program.

Veteran Housing Benefits

Oklahoma State Veterans Homes

The State of Oklahoma operates seven Oklahoma Veterans Centers:

● The Ardmore Veterans Center (580) 223-2266

● Lawton / Fort Sill Veterans Center (580) 351-6511

● The Claremore Veterans Center (918) 342-5432

● The Clinton Veterans Center (580) 331-2200

● Oklahoma Veterans Center (405) 360-5600

● Oklahoma Veterans Center (918) 567-2251

● Sulphur Veterans Center (580) 622-2144

The centers are long-term nursing and skilled nursing facilities. Individual care options vary across the facilities. Admission requirements for the Oklahoma Veterans Centers include Oklahoma residency and qualifying for the Veterans Administration per diem payments for nursing care.

The applicant must have served a minimum of 90 days with at least one day on active duty. An exception is made for a veteran who received a discharge because of a service-connected disability with a discharge characterized as other than dishonorable.

The applicant must be disabled in some way by age, disease, or other reasons as defined by the Veterans Center. If space allows, Spouses and surviving spouses may also be admitted. Veterans receive priority.

Veteran Financial Benefits

Ad Valorem Property Tax Breaks for Veterans

The State of Oklahoma permits qualifying veterans to claim a property tax exemption, figured on the full value of the homestead. Eligibility requirements for veterans and surviving spouses include:

● Honorably discharged

● Oklahoma residency

● VA rated as 100% permanent service-connected disabled

Oklahoma Veteran Income Tax Exemptions

Military members who reside in Oklahoma may deduct the first $1,500 if their military pay from Oklahoma state Income taxes. A tax filing extension is available to military members if filing on time is impractical.

Oklahoma State Military Retirement Income Tax Exemption

Anyone receiving military retirement income may deduct $10,000 or 75% of those retirement benefits, whichever is greater. The overall deduction cannot exceed the federal adjusted gross income.

Oklahoma State Tax Policy on Active Duty Military Income

All military pay for those on active is exempt from Oklahoma State income tax.

Oklahoma State Sales Tax Exemption for Veterans

Sales tax on personal property and services is waived for honorably discharged Oklahoma residents with 100% VA disabled ratings. Veterans must for a sales tax exemption card with proof of the VA-rated disability.

Qualifying 100% disabled veterans can apply for a sales tax exemption card for household members who make purchases on the veteran’s behalf. To apply for an additional card, complete and submit Form 13-55.

Oklahoma Tax Exemption for Military Retirement Benefits

Military retirement payments to Oklahoma residents are exempt from taxable income. The amount cannot exceed either 75% of these benefits or $10,000.