Own Your Own Home Instead of Living On Your Base

Many veterans and active duty service members are enjoying the American dream of home ownership. This is made possible for many with Veteran's Affairs (VA) home loans. There are also VA home care benefits for spouses of veterans who meet certain criteria. A VA home loan USA has many benefits and advantages. Veterans and active duty service members face challenges as well.


Veterans can use VA home loan calculators to find out what price of a home they can afford. Veterans and active duty service members who are using a VA home loan get to enjoy a zero-down payment mortgage. VA home loans have lower interest rates as well. Also, there are fewer closing costs with VA home loans. VA home loans have come a long way and are actually able to be closed faster than ever before. Once a VA home loan buyer receives a Certificate of Eligibility (COE,) the process goes fairly quickly. A VA home loan can be closed in as little as three to six weeks nowadays. This is just as fast as a conventional loan.


Active duty service members are often ordered to move quickly. In today's red-hot real estate market, it's not difficult for them to sell their homes. However, in today's market it's a little more difficult for veterans and active duty service members to buy homes. Some sellers are turning down buyers who are using VA home loans. It's hard to compete with cash and conventional home loan buyers. Also, some people are still of the mindset that the VA home loan inspection, or appraisal, can be an obstacle. This has a lot to do with a lack of knowledge on behalf of sellers and their agents. It is important to use one of the best VA home loan lenders and real state agents that specialize in VA home loans. These specialists will get the job done for VA home loan buyers.

It is important for VA home loan buyers to understand and navigate the current real estate market. Prices are going up at record-breaking rates this year. The National Association of Realtors is predicting home prices to go up 20% year-over-year this month and ten percent year-over-year during the entire year. Staying on top of the market and working with dedicated professionals will make the home buying process smooth for veterans and active duty service members.

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