Rhode Island Sate Veterans Benefits

Updated: May 16

Rhodes Island, The Ocean State, offers benefits to over 65,000 veterans.

Rhode Island Veterans Benefits

Veteran Education Benefits

In-State Tuition

Veterans may qualify for in-state tuition rates at Community Colleges of Rhode Island, the University of Rhode Island, or Rhode Island College. In-state tuition applies to both undergraduate and graduate studies.

To be eligible, the applicant must:

Be Rhode Island residents with a physical mailing address by January 1st of the year before enrollment.

● Present a GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility

● Be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residency identification

● Meet the academic and eligibility requirements for the schools

● Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before March 1st for the year of admission

● Served 24 months on active duty OR

● Released before completing 24 months of service because of injury due to military service

Spouse and dependents may also qualify if the veteran meets the following criteria:

● Ten years of active duty

● Rhode Island resident when transferring the benefit

Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waivers for Disabled Veterans

Veterans with disabilities may receive free tuition at Rhode Island public universities and colleges. Applicants must be rated at least 10% disabled due to military service and permanent Rhode Island residents. They must also apply for and use all other financial aid first.

State Tuition Assistance Program for the Rhode Island National Guard(STAP)

National Guard members may be able to get free tuition for Rhodes Island State colleges and universities. Tuition waivers cover up to five classes per semester and may be used together with the GI Bill. The benefit does not cover books or other fees.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

● Rhodes Island Air or Army National Guard enlisted service members or officer

o Agree to one year of commitment for every 12 credits

o ETS must be after the class end date

● Be accepted to an Associate, Bachelor, or Master’s program

● Be in good standing with the Guard and the school

Veteran Employment Benefits

Veterans Hiring Preference

Veterans may be eligible for employment preference when they apply for state jobs. To be eligible, veteran applicants must meet the following criteria:

● Any discharge other than dishonorable

● 30 days of active duty service, not including training

● Discharged due to a disability caused by military service

● National Guard or Reserve retiree must 20 or more years of service

Veterans may also receive five extra points on civil service entrance exams. Points are applied only if the applicant passes the exam.

Disabled veterans may receive ten extra points on civil service entrance exams. The applicant must pass the exam before the points are added. To be eligible for preference, disabled veteran applicants must meet the following criteria:

● War veteran

o Campaign ribbon or expeditionary medal

● Honorable or General discharge

VA rated physical disability due to military service

Veteran Housing Benefits

Veterans Assisted Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Rhode Island has one nursing home at Mount Hope Bay in Bristol, Rhodes Island. War veterans may apply for admission. The cost of the home adjusts to 80% of the resident’s net income. The 208-bed facility on 110 acres offers a range of services, including:

● Secure memory care

● Palliative care

● Assisted living

● Nursing care

● Health services

o X-ray

o Dental

o Physical and Occupational therapy

o Pharmacy

o Psychiatric services

● Transportation for appointments at the Veteran’s Administration Center in Portland, Rhode Island

To be eligible for admission to the home, veterans must meet the following criteria:

● Honorable discharge

● 90 or more days active wartime service

● Joined the service while living in Rhode Island OR

● A resident of Rhode Island for two consecutive years before the application

Veterans may be denied admission if they have been diagnosed with any of the following:

● Active psychosis

● Substance addiction

● Infectious or Contagious disease

Public Housing

Veterans may receive preferential placement in public housing designated for the elderly.

To be eligible for preference, applicants must have a disability due to wartime military service and must have been discharged under any but dishonorable conditions. Each housing project has additional criteria an applicant must meet to be allowed admission.

Veteran Financial Benefits

Property Tax Exemption for Totally Disabled Veterans

Some veterans, surviving spouses, and Gold Star parents are eligible for property tax exemptions. The Rhode Island Department of Revenue maintains a list of eligible properties, and exemptions vary by the local jurisdiction.

Eligibility requirements include:

● Any but dishonorable discharge

● Military service during WWII, Korea, Vietnam OR

● Service in any recognized post-Vietnam conflict