Top Military Spouse Benefits

Updated: May 23, 2021

Top Military Spouse Benefits

Top Military Spouse Benefits

If you are marrying a person who is currently serving in the military, you may be wondering what type of benefits are provided to military spouses. VA home care benefits for spouses Majority of the benefits that are given to service members and their spouses are excellent perks and are offered to individuals in all six branches of the military, including the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, the Navy, Coast Guard, and the Space Force. Top Military Spouse Benefits Below, we will provide brief details on ten of the top military spouse benefits that you will be entitled to after saying "I do."

1. Healthcare insurance is provided to military members as well as their spouses.

You will no longer have to refrain from going to the doctor or hospital because you cannot afford to pay the bill. Healthcare is provided to all service members and their spouses. This includes doctor check-ups, x-rays and scans, pregnancy appointments, childbirth, surgeries, some prescription pick-ups, and more.

2. Free Education is a wonderful perk that military spouses may be able to use.

Depending on your husband or wife's rank in the military, you may be eligible for the Military Spouse Career Advancement (MYCCA) benefit. The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship is a program that has been developed to provide qualified military spouses with financial assistance to earn a license, certificate, or associate degree. The main objective of this program is to offer spouses up to $4,000 to help them conquer their dreams and goals of pursuing a specific career or professional occupation.

Another educational benefit for military spouses is the G.I. Bill. This bill helps military service members and veterans earn an education to secure a career and have long-lasting success. If the service member or veteran is not planning to use their G.I. Bill benefits, they can give them to their spouse or child to use instead.

3. Military and Family Life Counseling is easily accessible to service members and their spouses.

Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) is a program dedicated to providing counseling services to individuals, couples, and families where at least one person is serving in the military. The best part is that everything said will not be recorded or written down for confidential purposes. In addition, the counselors will meet you wherever is convenient, whether on or off base.VA home care benefits for spouses, they are always ready to listen and help with any issues going on in your personal or professional life.

4. Housing is either free or discounted. 

If you are moving to a military base with your military service member, majority of bases will offer free housing. This means that you may qualify for a free house as long as you and your spouse choose to live on base. If that is not an option or you do not want to live on base, you may be eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), which is a great benefit that provides compensation to military families. Those that receive BAH will be compensated for living "out of town." The amount that you may receive is determined by your location, salary, and dependency status.

5. Military discounts always come in handy. 

Military discounts are usually when an individual who is serving in the military receives a discounted price on a product or item. Highest military rank in the world, Military spouses typically can benefit from these discounts as well. Clothing stores, food stores, and restaurants all have their own set of military discounts in which they give out if you tell them you are serving in the military or are a proud military spouse.

6. There are many VA benefits available to veteran service members and their spouses. 

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides many VA benefits for military personnel and their Spouses, dependents, caregivers, and survivors. A few of these benefits include life insurance, healthcare, funding for education and training, and more. You Know the Military rank flow chart in USA, VA benefits will give you a peace of mind once your spouse retires from the military because you will know that you and your family will be taken care of in several different aspects by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

7. The VA loan is helpful in times of need.

One of the most essential military benefits is the VA home loan. This is used by military families with at least one person serving in the military. The VA loan is extremely helpful for those who never thought they would be able to own their own home. Once you are deemed eligible for the VA loan, you may begin building your dream home, buy a house on the market, or refinance your current home. The best part is that you can put $0 down, receive the best rates, and finance without a mandated cap.

8. Military spouses have the opportunity to travel and move to places all over the world. 

At least once in your military serviceman or servicewoman's life they will be asked to be stationed overseas or in another state in their country. Oftentimes, this is referred to as PCS'ing, which means Permanent Change of Station. Highest military rank in the world, When an individual in the military is PCS'ing, they are being sent to a different duty station, which can be anywhere in the world. As a military spouse, you will be able to tag along for the exciting move. This means you will be able to live in other states and countries and experience new foods, cultures, religions, and ways of life. If your spouse becomes stationed overseas, there is an Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) given. This will provide additional money to the military family during their stay in another country.

Additionally, the government will also pay for the majority of the costs of the move, whether it is personal and dependent travel, household goods and vehicle shipments, temporary lodging and hotel stays, and relocation allowances. This will help relieve some of the stresses that may come with the new move.

9. Spouses are marrying into a wonderful community. 

Over the years, you will meet other military families and spouses and form a strong community. They will be your shoulder to lean on during hard times, as they know and understand most of the things that you are going through. When you are stationed with your spouse in another state or country away from your friends and family, you will get to know the people around you, which is the military community.

10. Marrying a hero is the best benefit of being a military spouse. 

Top Military Spouse Benefits for every person who serves in the military is a hero. Therefore, you get the opportunity to be married to a hero that has spent countless days, weeks, months, and years serving their country.VA home care benefits for spouses, It takes a very committed person to give their life to the military, and you get to spend yours admiring their passion and achievements while building a terrific life together.


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