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Updated: May 22, 2021

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When considering military resources for veterans keen to transition into civilian life or into new stages of their military careers, few topics arise as often as VA home loan programs in USA and the pursuit of a solid education. In particular, veterans tend to have a number of great personal qualities that are highly sought after by top universities and top employers.

Finding the Right School as a Veteran

Indeed, it is no secret that a number of first-rate educational institutions actively seek out veterans for admission to some of their most competitive and challenging programs. Understanding that veterans have great work ethics and a commitment to public service, these institutions welcome applications from veterans at all stages of their military and post-military careers.

Here are a few of the best veteran-friendly colleges in the US and abroad, VA home loan in USA, and why attending one of these institutions can be a life-changing experience for the better.

1. Amherst College

As one of the very best liberal arts colleges in the United States, Amherst College doesn't quite have the same kind of instant name recognition as Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. But this charming institution provides a college experience that rivals that all of the "Big Three" Ivy League colleges.

In fact, Amherst tends to keep a lower profile on "best of" college lists because it exclusively focuses on undergraduate education rather than graduate research. Amherst is also keen to admit veterans; the school's very rigorous curriculum definitely fits with the military ethos of hard work and accountability.

2. Harvard College

As many graduates of America's oldest college will tell you, nothing stands out on a Harvard application quite like military experience. Harvard has a reputation for treating veterans well because of the experience with hard work and discipline that many military personnel gain while serving.

Harvard tends to also keep a close relationship with the different branches of the military, and many Harvard graduates tend to go on to officer-level posts in the armed forces after graduation. There are no two ways about it: Contacting Harvard about military resources for veterans can be a great first step towards a very bright future.

3. Penn State

If you're in the process of PCS'ing or taking out a VA home loan, chances are good that you may not have the option of relocating to attend college. Fortunately, many reputable online programs exist that suit the needs of veterans looking to complete a flexible degree program. In recent years, for example, Penn State has become popular with veterans both because of its strong academic reputation and because of the school's well-regarded online program.

This latter option can provide former service members and anyone dealing with military relocation issues due to PCS'ing with the chance to study for a degree without moving to a new area of the country. Penn State degrees are also popular with top employers; after graduation, Penn State alumni often find great jobs and soon discover that military experience helps demonstrate a strong work ethic to employers. No veteran should overlook this amazing educational program.

4. Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families

In partnership with the JP Morgan banking institution, Syracuse University currently provides a year of free education to former service members. The program also provides great opportunities for certification in a variety of fields and traditional paths towards a bachelor's degree. This is an option that should definitely not be overlooked by veterans who are keen to save money while getting a great education.

5. The George Washington University

As one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. is a great option for veterans who want to build a career in a place where big political decisions are made. GWU is very friendly to veterans and prides itself on its close connection to the US government; for anyone keen to begin a career in our nation's capitol, GWU remains a great and veteran-friendly institution by any measure.

6. Columbia Southern University

Popular with veterans because of its flexible online degree programs and top-tier professors, Columbia Southern University understands that veterans are often juggling many different personal and professional responsibilities at once.

VA home loan affordability calculator USA, Indeed most veterans who study at CSU enjoy the opportunity to work at their own pace, and the rigorous curriculum here also makes CSU popular with employers keen to recruit top-notch talent. Studying at Columbia Southern remains a great option for veterans who don't want to worry about military relocation issues while seeking out a first-rate education.

7. King's College London

For veterans who are interested in studying abroad, the chance to study in London, England might just be a life-changing experience. King's College London has a very strong global reputation; it is also internationally renowned for its prestigious War Studies program. Living in London isn't cheap, but tuition rates in the UK are relatively modest when compared to educational costs in the United States. KCL loves to admit veterans due to their real-world experiences and great work ethics.

8. MIT

Because of its close relationships with US government agencies, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is very keen to recruit applicants with military experience. This storied university is truly one of the best educational institutions in the world, and veterans preparing to start a career in public service should definitely consider applying here.

Any veteran who has ever dreamed of working with a top government engineering firm should definitely make applying to MIT a priority. The school's science and engineering degrees are some of the most prestigious in the world. MIT's Sloan School of Business also places its graduates at some of the best employers in the world.

9. Georgetown University

Like the George Washington University, Georgetown places its students at the very heart of our nation's capitol. Georgetown has been a popular choice among veterans for VA home loan affordability calculator USA generations; the school's close relationship with top federal and military agencies also makes it a wonderful option for veterans who want to pursue a career in government work. Set amid some of Washington, D.C.'s most historical neighborhoods, the campus is also as traditionally beautiful as it gets. The quality of life here has to be experienced to be believed; a traditional college education in the US doesn't get much better than this.

10. Columbia University

As one of America's best and most well-regarded Ivy League colleges, Columbia is a school that can really take its graduates to new heights of career success. VA home loan in USA, But the school is also known for its large veteran community: Indeed, hundreds of veterans currently study at Columbia because of the school's welcoming atmosphere and high quality of education.

Columbia's location in one of the most culturally-rich neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan also means that students here have access to some of the nation's very best employers and cultural hotspots. This is definitely an institution that no veteran should overlook.

For these reasons, finding the right college after completing one's military service can be an amazing experience in and of itself. It may take a bit of time and research to find the college that is right for you, it is true, but veterans who weigh the strengths and weaknesses of their top-choice institutions will often discover a welcoming and deeply-challenging environment that is a perfect fit. VA home loan in USA Truly, that is education at its best!

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